Natural Stone Institute
Dr. Singewald

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Natural Stone Institute

Dr.-Ing. Ch. Singewald
Expert - Specialist

publicly certified and sworn
( Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK Gera ; Niederlassung IHK Berlin )

Natural Stone, Dimension Stone,
Dimension Stone Deposit

Dr. rer. nat. H. Siemann

Berlin - Dresden - Mallorca - Trier



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Clayallee 249, D-14169 Berlin

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Natural Stone Institute



The Natural Stone Institute was founded 1996.
Dr.-Ing. Singewald is a publicly certified and sworn expert / specialist for natural stone, dimension stone and dimension stone deposit, has a PhD in Mining Engineering / Mining Economics and is Geologist. He developed and published in 1992 a new method to assess dimension stone deposits and quarries. The method is also described and recommended from the Geological Survey Germany (BGR: Manual on the Geological-technical Assessment of Mineral Construction Materials (see "Literature")), supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ).

  Since 1988 - 2005 Dr. Singewald is lecturer at the Stone-technical Institute (Steintechnisches Institut) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Koblenz (IHK Koblenz), where he is also educating experts for natural and dimension stone works.

He was also manager in one of the big building corporations and of a natural stone company.

The institute makes research about the using of natural and building stone ( dimension stone ) in architecture and research about the assess of natural stone and dimension stone ( building stone ) deposits.

In the last years has done a lot research about ancient use of natural stones (culture  of the Maya / Mexico, the Inca / Peru, Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman ).

Recently started a privately financed project for prospectation, exploration and develop new possible natural stone, dimension stone ( building stone ) deposits in Third World Countries (Africa, Asia) for the benfit of their citizens.

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